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Architecture | Forum Limbach
Verein der Freunde des forum limbach
Am Wiesengrund 18
7543 Limbach

0664/ 371 64 82


About the architecture


Es ist eine Herausforderung einer Vision auch Raum zu Leaving or building enough space for a vision is a challenge.  It seems to be like literary “fixing up in stone” the boundary between art and nature. Generating space and time to the Forum Limbach not only means asking basic architectural questions like:
“What?” “Where?” and “How?”,
but especially includes the overlapping question “Why?”  
Intellect always builds up the vertical opposite to the horizontal nature – considering the human being standing as a vertical stroke in the horizontal landscape. With architecture it is the same. Facing nature, the raising of walls often just signifies our arrogance. So the main question is: how can we build up architecture but in the mean time keep in dialogue with nature? This only seems to work out, if we realize that we are in the same way part of it and thence carefully demand our own space. That is the reason , why we were looking for a place, where the cultural surrounding is indeed significant but rarely seeded and unrecognized, which allows the guests to dedicate his attention to Forum Limbach, our offers and his own time.
A “forum” needs a place for emotion and communication. Our old farmyard just signifies this bazaar because of the central atrium, which leaves enough space for the general exchange even with the other areas: so the library, the collection, the atelier, the forum and of course the natural surrounding.   
How?  Remaining in respect for the host seems to be a boundary for creative solutions. But it`s just this proposition, which forced us to be seriously engaged with the questions:

“What is already existing?” and “what do we need?” The final answer is an additional, countywide awarded building which fits to our expectations especially belonging the unsecure about the differing point between nature and culture – “Am I in a room or in nature?” “Is it the fields I`m standing in, or is it Forum Limbach?” Indeed it is exactly that sort of relative experience where we are starting our research, because everything which rises out of- and over nature demands explanation or silent being.    
Why? Europe wide there is no place dealing with the boundary between art and nature. Many platforms are concerned with economical, philosophical, religious or other arguments of our being, but none of these would figure out which essential part in nature we (as human beings) are symbolizing on our own. Forum Limbach dedicates time and space/place to these questions, which should finally lead into the most possible respect for our own nature.


Section 1 – realized

Thanks to the architecture office.









Section2 – under construction.