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ForumLlimbach | Forum Limbach
Verein der Freunde des forum limbach
Am Wiesengrund 18
7543 Limbach

0664/ 371 64 82


The source of art is discussion.

Therefore Forum Limbach recognizes itself as a relevant platform of communication,

interactionand reflection, which turns the attention

to the boundary of nature and art.

Forum Limbach provides the basic conditions. Every participant is invited to experience

an own personal contact with art and nature and perhaps

thereby enrich this experience with hisparticipation at the official discussions.


Since 2011 in Limbach, the southern part of Burgenland (A), a cultural center began to rise,
serving as a place of contact, research and discussion
Therefore an old farmyard was adapted, where, since then, a new a new building gets constructed
and even the surrounding landscape is created.
After the completion (2014)
Forum Limbach will include an exhibition hall, a function room and an archive
to present the steady growing collection.


Forum Limbach


For that purpose we concentrate on the following fields:

  • The (artistic) answers in kind of conducted projects and exhibitions.
  • Actual prints (graphic reproductions): 3000 artworks of international prints, as a permanent and continuously increasing collection, serve
    as proposal/stimulation for a further examination.
  • In general Forum Limbach also wants to develop new methods in the mediation of the asked question and themes.

Forum Limbach annual:


Through the annual forum attendants have many possibilities to get familiar with the annual theme.
An exhibition should motivate the emotional access to the discussion by offering the guests a place
(the so-called perception-area) to let him sink into an elected artistic position.
The platform, seen as an area of discussion, creates the possibility to extend one`s own experiences
and to share it.
The so-called area of impulse, which accompanies the annual exhibition, should finally emblaze the surrounding.
Through its special location the Forum Limbach
as an area of recreation invites everybody to
share his perception, his impetus and his experience.

The Questions/the subject for the following year is resulting through the perception and experience
of the whole activity.






mehr Text

Unlike a classical museum with its main issue based on the presentation of artworks, normally accompanied by short and just overviewing essays as well as exhibition catalogues, mostly in style of a scientific research Forum Limbach places the personal relationship between the attendants and the artwork itself in the center of its aim.
This means the
contact between visitors and artwork is the precondition for
an enduring experience and study of art. Finally it is the examination in place which may enlarge the areas of experience and imagination of the guests. The result is
continuationinstead of constrictionor “determination” (in the sense of a traditional transfer of knowledge).
This is essential, because art would not unlock itself for the visitors naturally.



Forum Limbach in the place:


Limbach permanent                                                         

Top location: in the southern of Burgernland, A.
7543 Limbach, am Wiesengrund 18
4000m2 natural landscape and 600m2 exhibition space.


Limbach online 

Our homepage should be understood as an international platform, which will regularly inform about the actual status of the research, the activities and moreover the collection and
achievable editions online.


Limbach temporary

In the rooms of the Gallery Stalzer in Vienna, the summer exhibition of the Forum Limbach has its companionship by the pre- and postprocessing of the activities of Limbach.