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Bibliothek | Forum Limbach
Verein der Freunde des forum limbach
Am Wiesengrund 18
7543 Limbach

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The Library

The library was build up on the footsteps of a former hunch and symbolizes the “ideal” operating efficiency of the Forum Limbach.  
This big, transparent area presents itself as a place of “coming and going” – a place of communication, change, studies and research, but in the same time relaxation and reflection. Concerning the subjects art and nature our collection of books not at all pretends to be complete but a discourse, which means that the order, the combination and the subject of the books not only may change but should and will change. 



The digitalized bibliography of the Limbach-Collection completes the library. Moreover all the artworks of the Limbach-Collection can be recalled in digital manner and in that way, is open for every individual interest. Working areas, provided with computers, invite the attendants to do their proper research and studies. Imaging the beginning of this continuously growing and changing library means visually: from the left hand to the middle you will find art-books, while from the right hand up to the middle, books concerning nature are organized. The center – until now sparely populated and waiting to be completed, can be seen as a mirror for our main issue and duty:

“to operate and research where art and nature come together.”















 Eröffnung Bibliothek 2.6.2012