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The vision | Forum Limbach
Verein der Freunde des forum limbach
Am Wiesengrund 18
7543 Limbach

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„Vision“ Limbach


KünstlernameIs it consciousness, which splits us, as human beings,
from nature? And how should we understand this?

I would not claim to instruct people, if they would not be misleaded by others(Jacques Roousseau)

Seen in this way, one should never get tired in creating
platforms, where the human being becomes the main issue.
But anyway it will be an attempt, because thinking and
so culture always stays diametrical counterpart considering nature and often only serves as a stage for vanity,
self portrayal and
in the most innocent way for
sentimentality. In the mean time it is just this contrast between culture and nature which emphasizes both sides.

A platform no matter, whether it is a real or a virtual area to exchange ideas and to pose or maybe even answer questions
in the literally meaning (foras lat. outside) is a good place
to leave old deadlocked ideas, to step out of one`s own
sensitivities and subsequently challenge long time handed
ideas and meanings to demand
like in the multiplicity of a
new questions and create new forms of experience.

Focused on art as the main working vocabulary, Forum
Limbach wants to contribute to this idea by its own possibilities. And because there is no art without its seeds in nature, it seems appropriate to practice research

where art and nature are connected.


 The permanent exhibition, composed out of a collection of
3000 international artworks, should document the so
far maintained dialog with contemporary “thinkers” (artists).
It is our aim to let this dialog continue in the Forum Limbach
as “competence
-center” belonging art and culture − space and observer.
It is not the wish to let the continuous exhibition
program challenge the artists in their sensibility, but to trace
back the observer to his own nature and responsibility.
The chosen place of the Forum reveals the demand to an access
in every sense of spatial change. So the personal decision is therefore the main key, which offers the possibility to force the suggested subject and its (artistic) response at eye level.

Forum Limbach provides a setting, which offers the guest time
and space to feel
one’s own reflection- and vision-area.

It is not a question about art, but about its handeling.